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In every corner of Azerbaijan can be found workshops of craftsmen, mysteries of which for centuries passed on from generation to generation. This trip will reveal you to the wonderful world of the Caucasus crafts — overflow of silk, tinkling of copper utensils and gold ornaments — a truly fabulous patterns of Azerbaijani carpets. Moreover, an opportunity to participate in the process will give you a unique souvenir — a piece of the soul of Azerbaijan.

Tour Program
9:00 -21: 00 Departure to the Mountain villages
12:00 Arrival to Basgal village
The medieval town, which still preserved a unique process of making kelagai — traditional women’s silk scarf. By color of the handkerchief locals determined the age and social status of women: Black and blue headscarves was dressed by older women, young women wore headscarves of light colors — white, beige, blue and others. You will enjoy by work of art masters and also be able to try yourself as a craftsman (master-class)
13:00 Trip to Lahij
Lahij is a unique monument of Persian town-planning and architectural object of Middle Ages. The medieval town with cobbled streets and squares, with developed water supply and sewerage system. The village is inhabited by leatherworkers, engravers, potters, blacksmiths, wood carvers and metal that pass their knowledge from generation to generation.
14:00 Arrival to Lahij
Lunch (payment not included in the price)
15:00 Sightseeing through the city
17:00 — 21:00 The road back to Baku
Tour includes:
— Transport
— Guide service