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Information about oil production in Azerbaijan repeatedly noted in the writings of scholars and early medieval travelers, which reported large revenues generated according to unusual product. However, at that time the oil was used as a domestic fuel, but also for medical and military purposes. The industrial revolution that took place in the XVIII-XIX centuries, sharply increased the demand for oil and turned it into a major strategic product, necessary for development of the country. It originated oil «boom» in the world. Baku possessing ancient oil producing tradition, transformed into an arena of the invention and the initial application of the latest technologies in the field of drilling, oil production and refining. With the cancellation of tax farming system Baku has become a center of foreign capital inflows. In 1879, the Nobel Brothers founded in Baku Stock Company «Nobel Brothers», which soon became one of the largest companies in the world oil industry.
The tour will introduce guests with life in Baku during the first oil boom. 
Excursion assigned for 4-4.5 hours
Tour program
— Review of offshore oil platforms and a visit to the tomb of the engineer and geologist Paul Potocki
— Visit the old oil fields and ancient mosque in settlement Bibi-Heybat
— Visit the «Villa Petrolia» — farmstead Nobel brothers built at the end of the XIX century for the employees of the company in the suburbs of Baku. Currently it is operating on the territory of the museum of the Nobel family.
Tour includes:
— Transport
— Tour guide