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In recent years, more and more popular become a culinary and wine tours. This tour is an ideal alternative for lovers of traditional culinary art connoisseurs of wine and national cuisine, as well as those wishing to try something new. In the Middle Ages, people knew that some wines can be used for medical purposes. For example, in the palace of Shah Ismail Safavi courtiers doctors advised to drink wine to removal of weariness and relaxation. In writing in 1311, historian and scholar Yusuf Ibn Ismail wrote that the wine in small doses strengthens the internal organs and body as a whole, rescues from melancholy, depression and bad moods, as well as white wine treats colds and flu. Wine made from rose petals, was treated headaches, pain in the stomach and heart disease.
Tour Program
09:00 Breakfast at the hotel
10:00 – 14:00 Departure on a trip and visit:
Wineries in the village of Masazır. Upon arrival at the winery will be held familiarity and degustation local wines.
On the way to the winery you will see the Pink Lake. Its medicinal qualities equate to the Dead Sea properties. Water salt lake of Masazyr streaked with pink all year round, but in summer, when the blooms special kelp, it turns bright purple. On the shore is a plant for the extraction of salt. It is very easy, sitting there, introduce yourself resident of Mars. Turn off from reality and reload this landscape exactly help.
14:00 -15:00 For additional price it is possible to arrange the lunch in the national restaurant
15:00 Back to Baku
The tour includes:
• vehicles
• guide services