General information

Visit us and enjoy our matchless beautiful nature in unsurpassed recreation tourism centre just about 4 km from Qabala City. Our “Qafqaz Resort” Hotel Complex consists of three hotel buildings, SPA center, entertainment centres and parks and has excellent conditions for making your holidays unforgettable both in summer and in winter. The mountainous territory of the complex gives irreplaceable advantageous possibility to present you a great wonderful time during your holiday. Here we include all kinds of winter sport s, excursions and tours at any time of the year and other forms of active rest. Our aim is to guarantee high quality recreation to local and foreign tourists. Every tourist is our guest so we try to fulfill all his desires for leaving lasting impression and we’ll be glad to act your scenario if you are newly-married couple or simply want to make your vacation unforgettable. “Tufandaq”Winter-Summer Tourism Complex offers cable car rides at any time of the year, skiing on the ski tracks of different difficulty level, ski training and ski school, catering service (cafe and restaurants), entertainment centres for kids, hotel and other services. Our highly-skilled personnel is impatient to see you at our place. We are ready to co-operate with companies as well as individuals and persons. Our highly experienced specialists are ready to organize all kinds of events (internal and external tourism exhibitions, various events and meetings) not contradicting to Azerbaijan Republic Laws and “Gilan Holding” Ltd. interests. We are grateful to every person who helps and supports us.


Ski track system

Ski tracks are calculated for every tourist depending on the slope and difficulty level (high, medium and low difficulty level). It will secure not only safety skiing but also will help in aquisition of good experience. At the same time the system will help to minimize the number of accidents and avoid them on the ski tracks. mində bu cür sistemin tətbiqi qəza hallarının sayını azaltmaqla, xizək sürənlərin bacarıqlarının kompleks qiymətləndirilməsinə xidmət edəcəkdir.


Lift systems

Ski lifts are placed to serve the available ski terrain in the most efficient manner, while considering a myriad of factors such as wind conditions, round –trip skiing and access needs, skier connectivity between other lifts and trails and the need for circulatory space at the lower and upper terminal sites. Additionally, it is recognized that the vertical rise and length of ski lifts for a particular mountain are the primary measures of overall attractiveness and marketability of a ski area. Generally, there are 4 rope ways in the complex. Guests can beautiful natural landscapes of Tufandag chain of Great Caucasian with rope ways. General length of rope ways is 5.8 km. The trail system concept is designed to take advantage of every opportunity to creating Intermediate and lower ability level trails along the ridges and in the valleys will prove to be successful and would create a good ski experience. The trail network minize cross-traffic and provide the full range of ability levels consistent with market demand. Total of 17 km slopes length.

Slopes namelength

Angle %

For Use


P1 2.20


25 -- 40



P2 1.25


> 40



P3 0.90


> 40



P4 1.40


> 40



P5 1.05


25 -- 40



P6 1.00


> 4 0



P7 2.20


25 -- 40



P8 1.37


< 25



W1 2.54


< 25



W2 3.15


< 25


The slopes will be maintained by 3 Prinoth "Everest" snowgroomers Prinorth "Everest".


Snow generating system

As the territory of Complex is not always covered with natural snow (especially in the beginning of the winter), as humidity here is sometimes about 80% so all ski tracks are covered with artificial snow. Even when we have -20°C we have enough and sufficient snow covering for skiing. Snow generation system consists of:

EVO type snow creating devices - 60 items
Fa 540 type snow creating devices - 35 items 
Snow generation pipes - 80 items
Pumping stations - 3
Artificial lake with parametres:

  • Water capacity - 80.000 m³
  • Length - 145m
  • Width - 120m
  • Height - 10m


Cable Car Systems

Ski highways for skiers and guests are calculated to take them into unapproachable places of the territory.
5,8 km equipments of “Leitner Ropeway” Company’s productions consist of:

  • Cable car track L2 --- “Riverside”

Height above sea level (0): 956m – 1660m
Length: 2,50km
The capacity of one cabin: 640kg
Maximum capacity/ ability of passengers transportation: 2165 persons/ per hour
Total number of passengers transportation devices – 74 cabins
Maximum speed: 6m/per second

  • Cable car track L4 --- “Qebele”           

Height above sea level (0): 1251m – 1660m
Length: 1,0km
The capacity of one cabin: 640kg
Maximum capacity/ ability of passengers transportation: 2200 persons/ per hour
Total number of passengers transportation devices – 35 cabins
Maximum speed: 6m/per second

  • Cable car track L5 --- “Duruja” Telemix 1(automatically seperable seats in the lifting equipment)    

Height above sea level (0): 1251m – 1410m
Length: 1,17km
The capacity of one cabin: 640kg
Maximum capacity/ ability of passengers transportation: 1800 persons/ per hour
Total number of passengers transportation devices – 21 cabins + 21 seats
Maximum speed: 5m/per second

  • Cable car track L6 --- “Yatmish Gozel” “Sleeping Beauty” Telemix2(automatically seperable seats in the lifting equipment): 

Height above sea level (0): 1410m – 1920m
Length: 1,13km
The capacity of one cabin: 640kg
Maximum capacity/ ability of passengers transportation: 1800 persons/ per hour
Total number of passengers transportation devices – 20 cabins + 20 seats
Maximum speed: 5m/per second

K/XLength (km)Cable heightSpeedNumber of cabins





2.50 km

956 1660


6 21.6 74


1,0 km

1251 1660


6 21.6 35


1,17 km

1251 1410


5 18 21 + 21


1,13 km

1410 1920


5 18 20 + 20



Ski sport and Holiday Complex Services

<pГорнолыжный спорт="" и="" услуги="" центра="" отдыха="" tufandaq="" winter="" summer="" holiday="" complex="" can="" accommodate="" up="" to="" 3000="" people.="" <br="">The service of the center includes:
catering – restaurant and cafeteria (North Peak Restaurant; South Peak Cafe)  
Cooking zone, food storage, elimination of wastes;
Bar/ relaxation zone;

  Station nameTotal area
Construction area
Station area

Cafe (m2)


Riverside – lower station





Qabala—lower station





Qabala—upper station





Duruja—upper station




Rooms for rest – rooms for men, women and personnel
Services for guests; all information is on stands.
Ski school (for adults); for rent /repair area
Shops for rent sportswear
Shops for repair sportswear
Luggage offices
Ski school (for kids);
Children care
Children rooms
Playing yards
Room reservation
Catering area
Retail stores and luggage offices
Ticket sales;
Ticket sales, ticket sales for the seasons and sale offices
Public cloak rooms; lock boxes and shelves
Ski patrul
First aid; first aid dispensary
Supervision / staff